Visiting Student  
   UIN has a wide-range of visiting student programs, welcoming students from colleges and universities around the world who wish to gain credit for courses taken at world-renowned universities.   
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Top Universities

Work & study with most genius student and take unique modules from world-renowned universities. The unique insights of visiting students will be welcomed to include them in our diverse academic community.

Transferable Credits

Guranteed by University Insiders Network, your credits can be transfered easily.  Take the chance to spend a term/year studying abroad.

Corporate Programs

University Insiders Network provide students with corporate programs(e.g. Google, NASA, Microsoft, Mogan Stanley, ) for their further career development.

UIN Scholarship

To achieve education, 20% of students will be sponsored by University Insiders Network for undergraduate and postgraduate exchange and visiting program. 

Project Progress

1. Apply now at UIN website or UK/US/China office
2. Prospective student will be interviewed in English 
3. Start your project
4. Research in lab supervised by university staff according to your research proposal for up to 6 months 
5. Deliver an project report/essay and discuss in the seminar

Visiting Program

   Study with a forward thinking vision and state-of-the-art facilities, visiting university which renowned for excellence in both innovative teaching and pioneering research.
University of California
United States
Columbia University
New York University
The Johns Hopkins University
Los Angeles,
University of California
Arizona State University
Oregon University
Miami University
Santa Barbara,
University of California
Ohio State University
Cornell University
Purdue University
The State Univeristy of New Yorky
George Washington University
Texas A&M University
University of Bristol
United Kingdom
Imperial College London
The University of Cambridge
King's College London
University College London
The University of Manchester
The University of Edinburgh
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